Controversy Brews Over Beer Ice Cream Ad in Brazil

Brazilian watchdogs are not screaming for this ice cream.

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There’s actually no beer in this beer-flavored ice cream, but that hasn’t stopped Brazilian watchdogs from rallying against the new product.

Ambev, a major Latin America brewery and the owner of Skol, is under fire for an ad that depicts a yellow ice cream box with a beer lid, followed by the tagline, “Shall we go to the bar to have an ice cream?” The National Council for Self-Regulation, a non-governmental organization that raises awareness about unethical advertising, has issued the brewery a warning, arguing that ad will encourage young children and teenagers to drink irresponsibly.

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The ice cream doesn’t contain alcohol, but because it comes in containers that look like beer cans, consumers must be 18 or older to buy it — per Brazil’s legal drinking age. The sweet snack is currently being sold for a limited time in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

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According to the AFP, it’s not the first time that the council has warned the large brewery about an ad promoting a controversial product. Last year, Ambev also received another warning for —what else? — beer-flavored Easter eggs.