Iranian Confectioner Unveils Five-Ton Tub of Ice Cream

Here’s hoping you can eat it before it melts.

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Associated Press

Here’s hoping you can eat it before it melts.

On Monday, Iranian ice cream company Choopan unveiled a five-ton batch of chocolate ice cream to try to secure the Guinness World Record for the largest tub of ice cream ever made. The dessert was stored in a container measuring five feet by seven feet long.

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In addition to trying the set a new world record, the company also wants to boost ice cream consumption in the country, according to Choopan board member Mohammed Baheri.

One spectator told Iranian media outlet Press TV said she’d come to the event as a matter of civic duty. “First, I came to this event because it gives me national pride for our achievement,” she said. “and of course I love ice cream.”

The current title holder, Baskin-Robbins, claimed the title in 2005 with a tub containing about four tons of vanilla ice cream. The American chain hasn’t ruled out trying to unseat Choopan from its apparent victory.

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“While we understand another company is vying to break this record, we remain focused on serving our guests around the world our delicious variety of ice cream flavors, custom ice cream cakes and frozen treats, and wouldn’t rule out trying to break another record in the future.”

Guinness World recordkeepers have yet to announce whether Choopan has officially beat Baskin Robbins for the title. The decision is expected to be made later after officials have vetted the event.