Guy Sneaks Marriage Proposal into Children’s Book

Possibly the best elaborate marriage proposal of 2013 (so far).

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Courtesy Aparna Paul Jain

Jason Methner proposes to Molly Lipsitz.

Most children’s books are innocent, whimsical affairs, but for Chicagoan Molly Lipsitz, a reading children’s book designed by her boyfriend turned out to be a life-changing experience.

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Jason Methner wanted to propose to girlfriend Lipsitz in a way that was “creative,” “dramatic” and  “a surprise,” reports It seems he hit the trifecta: a children’s book inspired by bunnies — Lipsitz’s favorite animal — whose tale of a tortoise and hare unfurled like their relationship, concluding with a fireworks finale marriage proposal.

Methner penned the story himself in secret, then enlisted the aid of animator and friend Yoni Limor to help turn the story into an illustrated book. (No pressure.) According to Limor, “It was a little daunting being asked to draw something that would have such a sentimental value on what would be one of the most important days of their lives…”

When the book was finished, Methner devised a clever plan to pop the question in a perfectly unassuming location: the Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago. After clearing the plan with library officials — they agreed on condition Methner allow them to post photos of the event to their Facebook page — Methner told Lipsitz they needed to drop by the library to view a friend’s book.

After bringing Lipsitz to the library’s children’s section, Methner pulled the book from one of the shelves, pretending he’d just noticed it. Lipsitz began reading it, and by the third page, had figured out something was up. At the end of the story, the tortoise proposes to the hare, and that’s when Methner dropped to one knee and pulled out an engagement ring (just as photographer and friend Aparna Paul Jain popped out to immortalize the moment). Fortunately, Lipsitz said yes.

“The book is a parable of our relationship,” Lipsitz told “From when we met, a bit about our lives, and the things we did together. In the book he proposed to me, and then he proposed for real.”

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