‘Reasons My Son Is Crying’ Tumblr Is Taking Over the Internet

You'll probably find a GPOY somewhere on this Tumblr.

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Reasonsmysoniscrying.tumblr.com is less than a week old, but it’s already dominating our social media feeds. The Tumblr is basically a photo gallery of a cherubic, Macaulay Culkin-esque tyke in tears — reminding us of how we really feel most Mondays and how even the most trivial things can totally set us off. According to Mashable, the site first popped up on Reddit over the weekend and had risen to the front page late Sunday.

Now when a new parent or babysitter searches online for the cause of their kid’s spontaneous tears, this site will have them nodding their heads and feeling a little bit better that other peoples’ babies also cry because they “broke the cheese in half.”

Picture 11

                 I broke this cheese in half