WATCH: Indian Symphony Breaks World Record For Most Instruments in a Piece of Music

315 different instruments played a symphony composed and directed by Rupam Sarmah

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“We did it together! We all came together here and have done which cannot be done without you. It is a small dream, but we did it and it belongs to everybody and it’s a history for us,” said Rupam Sarmah, composer and director of  “A Musical Journey for World Peace.” Sarmah — along with 476 — had just broken the Guinness World Record for most instruments used in a piece of music.

Musicians from all over the world came together in Assam, India on February  24th to help break the record, which had previously been set by a group of 181 musicians in Japan. To smash the previous record, Sarmah went big — recruiting 370 musicians, plus 106 vocalists, to perform a symphony he had written specially for the occasion. Sarmah, an award-winning film and music director, wrote the piece as a message for world peace, incorporating global sounds, including classical and jazz and traditional Indian, Latino and Irish folk music. The song’s lyrics are in the local language Assamese, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Bengali, according to the Guinness World Record site.

The event lasted for half an hour, in front of an audience of more than 25,000 who gave the performers a well-deserved standing ovation.

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