Japan’s ‘Girlfriend Coat’ Can Hug You and Whisper in Your Ear

Japanese engineering students invented the coat so that everyone can feel the sensation of being hugged by a girlfriend.

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A team of Japanese engineering students has invented a ‘fulfillment coat’ that may be perfect for those lonely souls in search of girlfriends — like, for example, Japanese engineering students.

The team at the University of Tsukuba have developed what they call the Riajyuu coat, which hugs you just like a girlfriend does. According to Rocketnews 24, two robotic pincers controlled by a motor at the back of the garment simulate a girl’s cuddle from behind when you put the coat on. As you feel the squeeze, the headphone that comes with the coat whispers pre-recorded words such as “I am sorry, were you waiting?” and “ Watch your back!” into your ears.

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According to the gaming blog Kotaku, Riajyuu means someone “who is pleased with their life outside the Internet.” And this is not the first time Japan has tried to help single men feel happier in the real world. In 2010, a former honeymoon hotspot in Atami invited singles who play the Japanese dating-simulating game Love Plus+ to bring their virtual girlfriends to the town. Single males could check into hotels with their “dates” and enjoy a special meal with the virtual guests in restaurants.

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