Watch This Russian Soldier Crash His Tank into a Lamp Post


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A Russian soldier is facing court martial after an allegedly drunken escapade involving a tank and an unlucky lamp post was caught on camera. In the video, featured on the website of the U.K. tabloid The Mirror, a line of tanks makes its way through a snow-covered intersection in Ryazan, Russia. The cavalcade was unremarkable until one tank in the line stutters and stalls before lurching forward and eventually barreling into a lamp post, much to the amusement of the passing motorists and the stoic traffic cop on duty at the intersection. It turns out, apparently, that the soldier was not merely a new recruit learning the ropes of tank driving at a nearby military academy but was allegedly driving a tank while intoxicated.

(MORERussia Searches Hundreds of Rights Groups, NGOs)

Unfortunately for the unidentified soldier, his antics were caught on a motorist’s dashboard camera as he sat at a traffic light. The driver apparently uploaded the video of the incident  to YouTube, where it has racked up hundreds of thousands of hits and made international news.

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