Reading While Eating for Apr. 11: The Russian Bear

Pick up some borscht and feast on these lunch links about Russia.

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RIA Novosti / Reuters

Russia's President Vladimir Putin lies on the snow during a walk with dogs in Moscow Region, March 24, 2013. Putin walked with Bulgarian shepherd and Akita Inu breed of dogs, according to RIA Novosti news agency. Picture taken March 24, 2013

Oops: Finland has apologized to Russian President Vladimir Putin for accidentally placing him on a secret register of criminals who cannot enter the country. ( via Associated Press)

Bear All: Putin was also bombarded by topless protesters earlier this week and was especially taken by one who had an obscene phrase in Cyrillic written on her back. (

Miao Miao: Russians make epic cat videos. Behold, a cat that smokes cigarettes. (The Daily What)

Meme Czars: Comrades are attuned to the latest memes, even the obscure ones such as “Hogwarting.” (BuzzFeed)

Cosmonauts: During the space race, while Soviets astronauts used pencils in zero gravity, NASA tried to trump them by creating a fancy space pen. (mental_floss)

Seeing Red: Browse these beautiful color photographs taken before the Russian Revolution. (Flavorwire)

Meteor City: Remember when a meteor exploded in the sky over Chelyabinsk at the end of February? (