Reading While Eating for Apr. 15: Tax Day Cometh

Today's must-read links for your lunch break feature famous songs and famous quotes about taxes.

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Not an efficient way to do your taxes.

Yes, It’s Tax Day Today: But look on the bright side: it’s also bite-sized Cinnabon day! Here’s a few more promotions to help you make it through.

Tax Fail: TurboTax users were thrown for a loop last night when the software briefly went offline before the Apr. 15 filing deadline. (Washington Post)

Dinosaurs: Despite the system fail, TurboTax is still way more efficient than the one people used in 1991. (mental_floss)

Politics & Prose: “Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them” and other apt quotes for Tax Day. (Flavorwire)

Tax Burden: Facebook’s new emoticons will help you better express your feelings about taxes, among other things. (The Daily What)

Taxman: Time to rock out to the Beatles’ “Taxman” if you haven’t already.