WATCH: Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ Commercial is Going Viral

Are you just a tad immature? Kmart's latest commercial will have you shipping your pants with laughter.

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Are you just a tad immature? Kmart’s latest commercial will have you shipping your pants with laughter.

Kmart will send items directly to shoppers’ homes for free if they can’t find what they need in the store. In other words: shoppers can very easily ship their pants, ship their drawers or even ship their beds. (See what they did there?)

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In the past few days, the buzzy video has racked up millions of views on YouTube and thousands of likes and shares on Facebook. Though it seems to be getting plenty of positive reactions for its funny, lighthearted approach, the spot has also faced some disapproval. Since it’s just a little bit juvenile and inappropriate.

Either way, the ad has stirred up plenty of chatter across the web, drawing lots of attention to the Kmart name — one that market analysts say has lost its relevance over the years. Realistically, though, it doesn’t seem likely that this newfound viral fame will be enough to significantly boost sales and lift Kmart out of its doldrums. For now, let’s just take a moment to appreciate this silly ad. You might not really ship your pants, but you’ll at least crack a smile.

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