Reading While Eating: Thinking of Boston

Today's lunch links are more somber, as Beantown is still reeling from the bomb blasts near the Boston marathon finish line Monday afternoon.

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Photo by Bill Greene/The Boston Globe

Former New England Patriots player Joe Andruzzi carries a woman from the scene on Exeter Street after two explosions went off on Boylston Street near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon, Apr. 15, 2013.

The Manhunt: The search is on for the person responsible for the bomb blasts that have killed three and injured more than 140 near the Boston marathon finish line. TIME’s Massimo Calabresi lays out how the FBI is conducting the investigation. (

Kindness Counts: From a stranger pouring orange juice for people on the street, to former Patriots player Joe Andruzzi carrying a woman to safety, see the outpouring of good deeds taking place in Beantown over the past 24 hours. (BuzzFeed)

#26Acts2: That’s a hashtag started by NBC News correspondent Ann Curry, who is encouraging people to do 26 random acts of kindness to help those in need in Boston. She started the same Twitter movement after the Newton, Conn., shooting in December 2012. (NBC News)

Quiz Time: On a more lighthearted note, how well do you know your Boston pop cultural references? Test your knowledge with this five-question quiz. (mental_floss)

Green Monster: An Oregon man is such a big Red Sox fan that he built a replica of Fenway Park in his backyard. (The Daily What)

Singalong: If you need some good music to distract you, here’s a round-up of classic songs and the stories behind them. (Flavorwire)

Let The Good Times Roll: See the city of Boston at its finest in this dramatic time-lapse video. (Boston Globe)