South Korean TV Network Bans Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ Music Video

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One of South Korea’s biggest broadcasters, KBS, has banned Psy’s newest music video for his rather ungentlemanly behavior — toward public property.

According to Newsday, the state-funded KBS said that music video doesn’t meet its standards as a public broadcaster. In the offending scene, Psy is shown kicking a traffic cone in the first five seconds while he then looks at the camera and laughs. Really, it has nothing to do with anything else Psy does in the video. (Although he does behave rather naughtily toward another traffic barrier and a streetlight in the outtakes.)

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KBS has reportedly banned other videos for similar reasons in the past. In a statement released Thursday, the network explained its decisions:

KBS’s review standards … are different from the Internet, online broadcasters or cable channels. This is because network TV is watched by everyone regardless of gender and age. Infants or children haven’t fully developed a standard for judgment and tend to believe and follow what’s shown on television.

At the same time, South Korean President Park Geun-hye has also praised the pop star for setting an example against piracy by paying choreographers to perform their own dance moves, according to the Telegraph.

“Gentleman” was released last Friday as the follow-up single to “Gangnam Style,” the most watched video on YouTube with more than 1.5 billion views. Since he performed the song live on Saturday in Seoul, the video for “Gentleman” has already racked up about 145 million views.

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