Friday Flicks: Tom Cruise Leaps into the Future in ‘Oblivion’

TIME breaks down which films to see and which to avoid this weekend.

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Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Actor Tom Cruise attends the premiere of "Oblivion" at the Dolby Theatre on April 10, 2013 in Hollywood, California.

In the House

Tagline: There’s always a way to get in.

French auteur François Ozon is receiving rave reviews for his latest movie, the black comedy thriller In the House.

Set in a school in France, it focuses on a teacher named Germain (Fabrice Luchini), who starts to regain enthusiasm for his profession after becoming enchanted by a student, Claude (Ernst Umhauer), who has been writing about a best friend’s family. Equally charmed is Germain’s wife, Jeanne (British actress Kristin Scott Thomas, once again speaking without difficulty in French).

“One of French cinema’s foremost enfants terribles here finally grows up: this elegant and eloquent film weighs its words and images with commendably mature precision,” proclaims the Daily Telegraph. “Ozon’s new film … touches on a number of his recurrent concerns, among them the nature of creativity and stories within stories, and it is, I think, his best work to date,” writes the venerable Philip French in the Observer. And the Daily Mail says it has “a lot to say about storytelling, control and manipulation of the truth.” The Financial Times, however, sees it differently: “the best François Ozon films (Under the Sand, Swimming Pool) are deceptively slight. The worst ones are genuinely slight: slivers of conceit prone to feyness and often based on theatre trifles, like his last movie Potiche and the new one, In the House.”

TIME REVIEW: In the House

NewsFeed’s Flicks Pick: There’s barely been a bad word written about In the House, and it effortlessly wins the week.

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