The Matrix‘s Agent Smith Returns…To Pitch G.E. Products

Agent Smith reviews GE's medical technology from the vantage of a virus in a suit.

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Hey look, isn’t that Elrond with a crew cut? “V” without his mask? The Red Skull with a nose? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s just Hugo Weaving dressed like that guy who kept coming back to whale on poor Keanu Reeves in the Matrix films. What’s he doing now? Bothering General Electric, it seems.

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But despite the sinister green tint and flash of Matrix code this Agent Smith is apparently an agent of good. It seems he’s back to help GE promote its software and medical hardware, which can “be in many places at the same time” — not unlike Agent Smith himself. Weaving (as Smith, a sentient anthropomorphized virus) goes on to describe GE’s services from the vantage of a piece of software, describing GE’s network as data that connects “patients to software to nurses to the right people…and machines.”

Would you trust a guy like this to sell you on the merits of a sprawling global corporation’s medical merchandise (and just where is all that data they’re keeping on us being stored, anyway)? It’s an odd pairing, to be sure, until you realize GE’s been running its “Brilliant Machines” campaign for some time, including stuff like the company’s “Knight Rider and the Locomotive” spot starring K.I.T.T. (alas, no David Hasselhoff) or “Robots on the Move,” a one minute tribute to robotics with a cameo by Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Brent Spiner as Data.

What’s next, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield peddling GE products from a glowing briefcase?

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