Reading While Eating for April 26: Animals in Disguise

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: cuteness!

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Mike Blake / Reuters

Animal Abuse: Corgis are the ultimate Internet darlings (for obvious reasons). But that fame sometimes comes at a high price: the fluffy little pups often end up sporting ridiculous costumes against their will. But no matter the disguise, we can always spot the corgi underneath. (BuzzFeed)

Dog Show: On particularly special occasions, dogs get dressed up and proudly strut their stylish stuff for the whole world to see. Click here for photos from last month’s Crufts Dog Show, where one dog even wore a tiger-print coat. (

In Disguise: Animal costumes doesn’t exist solely because we find them adorable and amusing — sometimes they exist because, you know, nature and survival and stuff. Click here to read up on the animal kingdom’s newest kings of camouflage: octopi. (mental_floss)

Nice Look: Here’s a round-up of some of the strangest disguises (er, outfits) seen at last week’s Coachella Music Festival in California. (Go Fug Yourself)

You Go Girl: We’d like to take this opportunity to offer a special shout-out to the brilliant Mindy Kaling, who, although not an animal in disguise, recently won a Gracie Award for “Outstanding Producer—Entertainment” for her Fox TV show “The Mindy Project.” (Divanee)

In other unrelated news: There’s a new app on the market called “Fake Shower.” It mimics the sound of running water, allowing you to cover up any noises you might be making in the bathroom, but without wasting water. Practical and sustainable! (The Daily What)

For good measure: Here’s a look back at the 57 greatest pet costumes ever. Some are extremely elaborate, and very few will disappoint. (BuzzFeed)

No Words: Once upon a time, a cat dressed up as a shark and rode around on a Roomba vacuum while chasing a duckling. Because of course it did. (Laughing Squid)