WATCH: Baboons Ransack South African Vacation Home

Trouble in paradise.

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Speaking of trouble in paradise: a troop of baboons recently climbed through an open window sill in Betty’s Bay, South Africa, and began ransacking a vacation home while the owners were away. Howard Fyvie and Kyle Peters happened to be nearby when they decided to take matters into their own hands and attempt to shoo away the group of party animals, who were defecating and causing general chaos.

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The video, which has been going viral ever since it was uploaded to YouTube early last week, shows Fyvie and Peters participating in a Cops-style showdown with the baboons, armed with nothing but brooms and mops. “You better recognize… get out of here! Out the door!” the two shout, as they corner a last baboon sitting in the bathroom. Despite Fyvie’s and Peters’ courage, you’re probably better off letting an expert approach a wild baboon cause they can be pretty dangerous.

Betty’s Bay is an established vacation spot just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. National Geographic actually points out that in recent years, human development has caused many baboons to lose their natural habitats in recent years, causing animals break-ins to steadily increase.

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