Reading While Eating for May 1: May Day

Today's must-read links for your lunch break highlight movements for the better treatment of workers and the better treatment of nerds.

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Matt Cardy / Getty Images

A man and woman dressed to represent the May King and Queen dance as they take part in the Beltane May Day celebration, commemorating the coming of the season of warmth and light.

Occupy Redux: Workers worldwide are fighting for better working conditions this May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day. Here’s a round-up of the protests taking place today. (Associated Press)

Amid Tragedy: This year May Day falls right after a factory in Bangladesh collapsed, leaving at least 410 people dead and thousands injured. Here’s one analysis of how the disaster will influence the way U.S. companies outsource manufacturing. (

Nonbelievers: Pagans mark May Day by dancing around a maypole in Glastonbury, England. (BuzzFeed)

Wigging Out: Speaking of old-timey traditions, browse these photos of 100-year-old hairstyles. (mental_floss)

Hack Job: As part of the fight to stop illegal game downloads, one developer released a “cracked” version of his game that no one could win, just to teach pirates a lesson. (The Daily What)

Space Jam: Nine examples from pop culture that prove the space tourism movement is a bad idea. (Flavorwire)

Nerd-o-rama: Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton stands up for nerds everywhere in this touching video about why nerds are awesome, filmed for a woman’s newborn daughter. (Salon)