New Zealand Updates List of Banned Baby Names

In New Zealand, you can't name children after punctuation marks, or call them V8, Anal or 4Real

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LWA / Getty Images

King, Princess, Prince. Just because your own little darling is a sweet princess in your eyes doesn’t mean the government of New Zealand will let you name your newborn baby that.

This week, the Commonwealth country’s Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages released an updated list of 77 unacceptable baby names, perhaps to discourage new parents from picking ones that, well, might haunt their children for life. The name Justice was rejected the most — a whopping 62 times, CNN reports.

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Royal titles — such as Duke and Majesty, and even the term Royal — were also high up on the list. Roman numerals, like III, are also taboo. One baby was almost called 89. Eight parents wanted to insert backslashes into their children’s first names, while four wanted to put brackets around their middle names. Not to mention that the government has already rejected Lucifer at least six times. Just imagine how the government of New Zealand would react to the strange names celebrities give their children — or the seven that Uma Thurman gave her daughter.

New Zealand isn’t the only country to crack down on strange names; Germany and Iceland also have rules for registering a newly born child.

Other names that have been rejected since 2001 include:

Royal, Duke, Major, Bishop, Majesty, J, Lucifer, Knight, Lady, Judge, Royale, Messiah, T, I, Queen, II, Sir, III, Jr, E, V, Justus, Master, Constable, Queen Victoria, Regal, Emperor, Christ, Juztice, 3rd, C J, G, Roman numerals III, General, Saint, Lord, . [full stop], 89, Eminence, M, VI, Mafia No Fear, 2nd, Majesti, Rogue, 4real, * [star symbol], 5th, S P, C, Sargent, Honour, D, Minister, MJ, Chief, Mr, V8, President, MC, Anal, A.J., Baron, L B, H-Q and Queen V.

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