Reading While Eating for May 3: Preparing for the Arrested Development Reunion

Here's a crash course on all things 'Arrested Development'. The new season debuts May 26.

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Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Brush Up on the Bluths: Arrested Development returns on May 26th. That leaves ample time to test your knowledge on all things Bluth. (And ample time for non-fans to catch up on the first three seasons.) But proceed with caution as you take this new quiz; you don’t want to find yourself saying, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” (mental_floss)

Instant Gratification: So you know that May 26 is the big day — and you’re super pumped. But you want to know the exact time when the new episodes hit Netflix. And now you can. (Gizmodo)

From Model Home to Red Carpet: Assess the cast members’ fashion choices with these photos from Monday’s premiere in Los Angeles. (Go Fug Yourself)

You Need All of This: For all you never-nudes: new jean shorts! For those of you who’ve caught a chill from eating too many frozen bananas: a banana scarf! Here are 15 pieces of Arrested merch you definitely need. (BuzzFeed)

Drink Tea, Come On!: In a season two episode called “Sword of Destiny,” Gob attempts to acquire some tea for … personal reasons. He ends up buying an ancient sword, but maybe he should have gone with the herbal remedy instead. Click here to read up on the many health benefits of tea. (Divanee)

In Case You Missed It: Netflix recently released a clip from the new season, with the following description: “Lucille finds a way to get around the building’s strict no-smoking policy and the fact that her ankle monitor prevents her from approaching the balcony.” Naturally, her son Buster plays a key role. (The Wrap)

Questions for a Never-Nude: Ever wonder what David Cross, who plays Tobias Fünke, is really like? Read TIME’s 2009 interview with the actor and comedian. (

Taste the Happy: Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Arrested Development documentary has finally arrived. As of today, the doc will be available via FilmBuff on iTunes, Amazon Instant, cable and more. The excitement makes us want to pump our fists in the air and shout, “Steve Holt!” (USA Today)

A Flawless Compilation: Still asking what’s so great about the Bluths? We don’t understand the question, and we won’t respond to it. Watch this round-up of the show’s 200 greatest quotes to get yourself in the mood. Huzzah!  (The Daily What)