Reading While Eating for May 6: Today in Cute Animals

From cats to corgis, here's the latest from the cute animal kingdom.

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A baby monkey, a lion cub and tiger cubs play at the Guaipo Manchurian Tiger Park in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in China

What the Doctor Ordered: It’s Monday. Chances are you could use some cute animals today — particularly ones who totally empathize with how you feel right now. (BuzzFeed)

What Do You Call That? In case you were wondering, the technical term for a baby skunk is not, in fact, “baby skunk.” It’s “kit.” Click here to learn 9 other obscure names for baby animals. Side note: baby skunks are strangely adorable. (mental_floss)

Wombat Appreciation: These stubby-legged marsupials are grossly under-appreciated in the world of cute animals on the Internet. It’s not acceptable, and it needs to end now. Click here for a video of a gentle, cuddly wombat enjoying some high-quality, belly-rub time. If this doesn’t lead you to join Team Wombat, nothing will. (The Daily What)

Dog Rides Sheep: Need we say more? This photo is a must-see. (Huffington Post)

Famous Felines: Even the world’s most accomplished artists love cute animals. Check out these beautiful (and awesome) photos of famous artists with their pet cats. This all makes perfect sense because cats are the muses of the world. (Flavorwire)

Awesome Job Alert: If you love looking at animals when you should be doing your job, why not turn looking at animals into your job? A Norwegian island is seeking a polar bear spotter. Apply now! (

Last But Clearly Not Least: A valiant young corgi took on an evil spoon in an impossibly adorable duel, and the Internet was there to document it. Who wins? You’ll just have to watch. (Huffington Post)