How Long Will You Live? There’s an App For That

Fear-inducing for some and a pat on the back for others.

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There are apps to boost your love life, track your sleep, and even to help you cast spells on your enemies. So why not one for predicting how long you’ll live? Using actuarial data, the Ignite Wellness Lifestyle Tracker calculates your life expectancy based on day-to-day decisions, from how much pie you eat to how often you exercise. The resulting “life number” is purported to be a direct indicator of life expectancy, according to the website PSFK. The iPhone app is supposed to be used in conjunction with a device (reminiscent of a Wii Fit board and weight scale) called the Ignite Pad, which docks to a smartphone and assesses a user’s weight and exercise levels over time.

For those looking for a digital cheerleader, the app has interactive goals, a reward points system, a leaderboard and social notifications to draw users into (healthy) competitions. “Overall, by understanding the impact of our day-to-day decisions on health, we are more likely to understand how to make positive improvements toward a healthier life,” according to PSFK. As additional personal information is input over time, the app will suggest recommended behaviors for a healthier—and longer—life.

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Available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, this app was created by siblings Hermione and Ben Way, cast members of Bravo‘s reality show Start Ups: Silicon Valley, with help from the Silicon Valley design firm Lunar Design. To date, the free app seems to be as successful as their one-season show: it has garnered 1.5 stars (out of 5) from 89 reviews on Apple’s iTunes App Store since it was released last fall. And there’s a good chance some of those ratings may be from people trying to download a Bible app with the same name.

Promo video via PSFK:

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