Reading While Eating for May 7: More Impossible Missions

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Mission: Impossible 5 is a go, three women are freed after a decade-long abduction and we explore the possibility that "Cops" is enormously popular in Russia.

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Jun Sato / WireImage

Tom Cruise with 'Oblivion' co-star Olga Kurylenko in Tokyo, Japan on May 7.

Tom Cruise Signs on for MI:5. Not a huge shock following the success of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but the fifth film still does not have a director attached. Terrence Malick would probably have an interesting take on Ethan Hunt and the rest of the IMF team. (The Guardian)

Three Ohio Women Found After Lengthy Abduction. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight had all been missing for more than a decade, but were saved thanks largely to the efforts of Charles Ramsey, who placed the crucial 911 call (before later giving an excellent interview). (BuzzFeed)

In Other Disappearance News: New Jersey governor Chris Christie had secret lapband surgery in February and reports that he has already lost 40 pounds. (Daily Intelligencer)

Let’s Talk NBA Playoffs. Though the first three second-round games were all entertaining in their own right (including the Bulls’ 93-86 Game 1 upset against the Heat), the best of the bunch was last night’s Spurs-Warriors matchup. Down 16 points with fewer than four minutes left in the fourth quarter, San Antonio stormed back to force overtime before eventually triumphing in double-OT 129-127. Despite Steph Curry’s 44 points and 11 assists, the night belonged to Spurs’ guard Manu Ginobli. (Deadspin)

Another Heroic Effort: Iron Man 3 racked up $174.1 million at the box office over the weekend, making it the second-biggest opening of all time behind The Avengers ($207.5 million). This, of course, proves the old adage, “Six superheroes make more money than one superhero, even if that one superhero is one of the six that collectively make more money.” (Note: This is not an adage, and people won’t be friends with you if you insist that it is.) (

Ten Contestants for the Earth’s Next Superhero. You know, because superheroes are so 2012. Can’t wait for Latvia to save the world and/or defeat the Norse god Loki with their enchanted forests. (mental_floss)

A Required Reading List for Jay Gatsby. Apparently The Great Gatsby will be entirely unavoidable this week (much as it has been for the last two months), even though this is so, so true. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is a good read though, especially if you’re into kites. (Flavorwire)

An Update on Russia’s Good Samaritans. Lots of heartwarming deeds witnessed via dashboard cams. The bigger story here? The proliferation of dashboard cams in Russia. Is that a thing now? Is each citizen an unwitting participant in Russia’s version of Cops? Russia has its own version of Cops? Is it just that the American version is so huge in Russia that everyone installed dashboard cams just in case? So many questions, so little time. (YouTube via The Daily What)