Spock Squared: Star Trek Stars Battle for a Free Lunch in New Audi Ad

It's Spock vs. Spock, may the best actor win.

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Who’s the best Spock? Too obvious. How about which actor who has played Spock can wheel over to the golf club the fastest?

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The one not driving the Mercedes, according to an Audi commercial starring Star Trek actors Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. In the ad, Quinto, who plays Spock in the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Star Trek Into Darkness, squares off with venerable pointy-eared vet Nimoy, first finishing out an online round of 3D chess played on tablets (no really, that game isn’t just a Star Trek fantasy), then betting lunch over who can get to the local golf club first.

“Stand by to have your wallet emptied by a tractor beam,” quips Nimoy.

“Anything’s possible, but probably not that,” chuckles Quinto.

And then it’s Audi vs. Mercedes—specifically a gleaming, spaceship-like Audi S7 (out last year and approaching-three-figures expensive) piloted by Quinto. The rest… well, we don’t want to spoil it. Suffice to say Audi’s stuffed the ad with Star Trek (and Nimoy-related) geekery, including a Vulcan nerve-pinch, a Wrath of Khan reenactment and several squirm-inducing seconds during which we’re treated to an ad hoc rendition of that 1960s classic, “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.”

Nimoy and Quinto even carry their friendly showdown over to Twitter:

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