Reading While Eating for May 9: The Circle of Life

From jobs that are a bear to a video of a bear eating a monkey, here are the links you gotta see during your lunch break.

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Toby Melville/Reuters

Judges sit in the House of Lords as they wait for the start of the State opening of Parliament, in the Palace of Westminster in London May 8, 2013.

TIME Machine: See how dramatically the Earth’s landscape has changed via timelapse satellite videos, exclusively on (

Grueling: Whenever you complain about your job, just be glad you don’t have to work as a mudlark or a dog whipper or do any of these other jobs that thankfully don’t need to exist anymore. (mental_floss)

Mind Blown: Robin Williams notices Kim Kardashian may be taking fashion cues from Mrs. Doubtfire. (The Daily What)

Art Deco: Some people love F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby so much that they tattooed the text and images to their bodies. Here are the 15 best ones. (Flavorwire)

Caturday: Here’s the most adorable kitten you will see all day. (BuzzFeed)

Awkward: A bear and a monkey raced on bicycles in a circus at Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The bear was trailing the monkey for a while, and then the bear ate the monkey. (Deadspin)