Reading While Eating for May 10: Let’s Hear It For the Moms

In today's must-read links: celebrate Mother's Day with the coolest moms on Instagram, and the meanest moms of pop culture.

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Ulises Rodriguez / Reuters

A female prisoner holds her baby while posing for a photograph at the maternity ward at the Ilopango prison in Ilopango May 9, 2013.

Isn’t It Ironic: This Sunday is Mother’s Day, but brace yourselves while we hit you with some knowledge about the holiday. The founder of the original Mother’s Day later fought to have it abolished. (mental_floss)

Mother Nature: Who better to demonstrate the specialness of a mother’s love than some exceptionally cute and nurturing animals? (BuzzFeed)

Haven’t Bought a Gift Yet?: There’s an app for that. Actually, there are several apps for that. (Los Angeles Times)

#FollowTheseMoms: In honor of the holiday, take out your smart phone and start following some of these moms on Instagram, who’ve got compelling stories to tell and unique photos to share. (

Moms of the Met Gala: Check out these recently-released photos from this week’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala. You’ll spot plenty of celebrity moms on the Red Carpet, including Julianne Moore, Leslie Mann and Alicia Keys. (Go Fug Yourself)

Diss from Mrs. Doubtfire: Robin Williams tweeted a dig at Kim Kardashian, poking fun at the soon-to-be-mom’s latest fashion choice. (The Daily What)

Sunday Cinema: Read this review of The Reluctant Fundamentalist and if it tickles your fancy, why not take your mom to go see it? (Divanee)

Fine Dining: Still unsure where to take mom for a special Mother’s Day meal? Well, just so you know, Hooter’s is offering a free meal to any mom who brings her kid along. Because, you know, why not? (Huffington Post)

Mean Moms: Pop culture tends to feature plenty of loving, friendly moms, but it certainly has its share of mean ones too. Our only question: where’s the mention of Arrested Development’s delightfully cruel Lucille Bluth? (The Daily Beast)

Special Guest: Moms, grandmothers and children gathered at the White House yesterday for a Mother’s Day Tea. And then everyone’s favorite mom Michelle Obama introduced Prince Harry. It’s not exactly clear why he attended, but nobody seemed to complain. (People)