WATCH: Chris Christie’s Fleece Jacket Parody

A "behind-the-scenes" look at how the New Jersey governor handles a crisis

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JEWEL SAMAD / AFP/Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie waits to greet President Barack Obama in Atlantic City on October 31, 2012, while wearing what would become his signature fleece jacket.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just can’t shake the fever over his fleece jacket, which became a signature part of his look last fall in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as well as the subject of a much-loved Saturday Night Live skit in November. Now the jacket’s whereabouts are the theme of a new parody video Christie played on May 7 at the New Jersey Legislative Correspondents’ Club dinner.

The seven-minute plot goes something like this: The fleece has gone missing. Christie initially isn’t worried because the fleece “was so last year.” After all, things are looking up for the Guv: He’s just been featured in the TIME 100, as he points out to an aide. But when a bouncer for Bruce Springsteen won’t let him in to meet the Boss without it, Christie realizes its absence is hurting his image and begins a frantic search for it, calling Bono and Mark Zuckerberg, amongst other notables.

While the overly-long video isn’t nearly as funny as his SNL appearance, it has its merits:

1. For now anyway, it deflects persistent rumors of a 2016 presidential bid with an opening scene about “staying focused on New Jersey.”

2. It reminds everyone just how rotund he was, before his lap band surgery.

3. It showcases the Guv’s love of pink ties.

4. It confirms that government employees are still playing, or at least pretending to play, Solitaire.

5. It tells us he has enough pull to have Jon Bon Jovi make a cameo appearance, but he’s still grounded enough to have Alec Baldwin be the hero at the end.


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