Jacob and Sophia Top Baby Names for 2012

Both names have been trending for years.

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The Social Security Administration just released its list of the most popular baby names for 2012, and Jacob and Sophia top the list.

It’s not the first time either name has shown up on the list. According to the Social Security Administration, “This is the fourteenth year in a row Jacob tops the list for boys and the second year for Sophia.”

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While Jacob seems like it’s not going to suddenly disappear from the list anytime soon, King and Messiah are among the fastest-rising baby names for American boys. Perla is the second-fastest growing girl name for the past year.

It’s  also clear America has a small case of Game-of-Throneitis: growing by leaps and bounds, the name “Arya” is the nation’s fastest-growing girl name. It jumped up 298 spots from 2011 to rank 413 last year. In case you’re wondering, Arya is also the name of a main character in the HBO show. The younger daughter of Lord Eddard Stark, “She is fiercely independent and is often mistaken for a boy,” according to the Game of Thrones Wiki.

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The top baby names for 2012 are:

  1. Jacob & Sophia
  2. Mason & Emma
  3. Ethan & Isabella
  4. Noah & Olivia
  5. William & Ava
  6. Liam & Emily
  7. Jayden & Abigail
  8. Michael & Mia
  9. Alexander & Madison
  10. Aiden & Elizabeth