Reading While Eating for May 17: Can You Do the Cannes-Cannes?

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: All of the most crucial entertainment, crime and fashion news from the Cannes Film Festival. Plus an unfortunate update on Kai the Hitchhiker.

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So you think you Cannes dance? (Cannes puns never get old.)

This Year’s Cannes Film Festival Has Begun. The 12-day event kicked off on May 15 and marks the 40th anniversary of TIME film critic Richard Corliss’ first visit to the festival in 1973. He and his wife Mary break down 20 of the competition’s most prominent films. (

A Heist Steals The Show. The biggest revelation to come out of the South of France since the festival began is that more than $1 million of jewels—intended to be worn by visiting movie stars—were stolen from a Cannes hotel room. (TIME Style)

Ten Hotel Secrets from Behind the Front Desk. Not one of them is about stealing a million dollars in jewels (which would be totally more awesome), but they might be a bit more practical for your next stay, whether at Cannes or elsewhere. (mental_floss)

People Wore Clothing at the Opening Ceremony. Dresses and tuxedos and the whole bit. Some were good, some were not—feel free to judge for yourself. (Go Fug Yourself)

Julianne Moore’s Toe Slip. And apparently, something strange was going on with her pinky toes. Maybe. Or it might have just been the shoes. Either way, it seems a full-scale investigation was required. (BuzzFeed)

In Case the Attendees Need Some Last-Minute Fashion Tips… Here are 10 sub-continental fashion accessory ideas. (Note: You can also make use of these items even if you’re not attending Cannes, we suppose). (Divanee)

The End of The Office. After eight seasons, the long-running NBC comedy aired its final episode last night. Although most agreed it limped a bit toward the end of its run, there’s little denying its important place in the television landscape of the last decade. (Flavorwire)

Faces of Famous People ‘Shopped onto Renaissance Portraits. You see something like this and you really do wonder how it is that it hasn’t been done before, but here we are nonetheless. (The Daily What via Worth1000)

Say It Ain’t So of the Week. Everyone remember YouTube sensation Kai the Hitchhiker? The hatchet-wielding homeless guy who stopped an assault earlier this year? Well now he’s wanted for murder in New Jersey. Happy Friday, everyone. (Gothamist)

“The Baby Bachelor” Premieres. Okay, couldn’t end on that last one. Jimmy Kimmel has introduced you, America and the world to the next logical iteration of The Bachelor. ABC execs must be furious that they didn’t come up with this one. (YouTube via Warming Glow)