7 Great Tumblrs of the Past Year

Here's a look back at some of the Tumblr sites that have caught the attention of TIME writers in the past year

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Big changes could be coming to Tumblr now that Yahoo! has acquired the social blogging platform for a cool $1.1 billion. At TIME, we’re pretty big fans of Tumblr, so we’ve rounded up a look back at some of the best sites that have caught our attention in the past year, beginning with the most recent:

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Cosmarxpolitan: This clever little gem “riffs on the notoriously over-the-top cover lines and headlines found in Cosmo, translating them into a handy guidebook for the average Bolshevik babe … The impressive number of historical references and the expert recreation of Cosmo’s tone earn the blog high Marx.” Samantha Grossman

Texts from Superheroes: “Meet Texts from Superheroes, a Tumblr devoted to the SMS exploits of spandex-attired demigods. Who knew warrantless wiretapping could pay such dividends?” — Matt Peckham

Sports Balls Replaced With Cats: This one “mashes some of the best scroll-worthy subjects on the internet — small furry animals and extraordinarily fit humans — and singlehandedly fills in that gap of mutual exclusivity between sports lovers and cat lovers.” — Mackenzie Yang

Google Street Scene: This innovative Tumblr “takes screenshots from movies and reimagines them as if they’d been captured by Google Street View. But finding the right scenes — and gently doctoring them — is harder than it seems.” — Samantha Grossman

Your LL Bean Boyfriend:  Presenting “the illustrated crush list of born-and-bred Mainer Liz Pride, a recent college graduate who fused her love for romance novel parodies, L.L. Bean and men, into a rapidly-growing Tumblr … It’s part part daydream, part Porn for Women, and all easy on the eyes.” — Terri Pous

Dogshaming: “Is there anything better than publicly shaming someone who deserves it and won’t even be embarrassed? If the answer is no, then say hello to Dogshaming, a new Tumblr that’s become the latest form of ineffective punishment for misbehavin’ canines.” — Terri Pous

Bon Iver Erotic Stories: “The blog — boniverotica for short — couples pictures of the artist in full sensitive-beefcake mode with outdoorsy, naughty, hilarious fantasies of what life would be like as Bon Iver’s lover.” — Courtney Subramanian

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