Reading While Eating for May 21: Fallout from the Oklahoma Tornado

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Everything you need to know about yesterday's devastating Oklahoma hurricane.

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Brett Deering / Getty Images

Piles of debris lie around the north side of Plaza Towers Elementary school after it was damaged by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

Search for Survivors Ongoing After Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma. At least 24—including nine children—have been confirmed dead and more than 100 injured, though those totals are expected to rise dramatically in the coming days. (New York Times)

Tales of Horror and Heroism. First responders, residents and rescue teams have all aided the effort to help those in need in the wake of Monday’s destruction. (

Five Harrowing Videos of the Twister. Reactions from the videographers are nearly all identical: “Oh my god.” (Daily Intelligencer)

What Else Cannot Be Replaced. A Facebook group has popped up to help survivors claim lost family heirlooms and belongings. (BuzzFeed)

What’s to Blame, Weather or Climate Change? The Category 4 tornado can most easily be linked to weather patterns and the historic tornado drought that had lasted a full year. (Ecocentric)

Because There’s Absolutely No Good Way to Make This Transition… Here are seven bitter fandom rivalries from across pop culture, naturally starring the epic Star Wars v. Star Trek feud. (Flavorwire)

The Favorite Drinks of Your Favorite Characters. Here’s a helpful chart in case you’re in the mood to drink like Don Draper, Daisy Buchanan or Al Czervik tonight. (mental_floss)

Air BnB Ruled Illegal in New York City. The court decision should put a damper on the company’s $2.5 billion valuation and your plans to have friends not crash on your couch when they come to visit this summer. (Gizmodo)

Pick-Me-Up of the Day. Since we could probably all use it given what’s in the news, here’s Reggie Watts parodying the Rick Astley classic, “Never Gonna Give You Up” as part of YouTube’s Comedy Week. (YouTube via The Daily What)