Prague Will Play Matchmaker for Single Rail Riders

Love train!

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Are you looking for love but spend all your free time commuting to and from work? Well if you live in Prague, soon you may be able to ride the rails and look for a soul mate all in the same place, courtesy of the city’s rail service. Ropid, the city-owned company that runs the Czech capital’s trains, isn’t investing in better wi-fi for easier online dating. Instead, the transport company is hoping to start rolling out special train cars designated for people who want to commingle while they commute.

The idea came about as the company looked for ways to encourage people to take public transportation. “We want to emphasize that public transport is not only a means of travel but that you can do things there that you cannot do in your car,” Ropid spokesman Filip Drapal told Reuters. Flirting with strangers is certainly harder to do while driving a car than riding a train.

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Mr. and Ms. Lonelyhearts will have to wait awhile before booking a ticket on the love train. The service has not been rolled out yet. Ropid is planning on undertaking polling about interest in the ersatz matchmaking service soon to determine whether Prague residents would be interested. If things go as planned, Ropid hopes to have the rolling singles mixer on track by the end of the year.

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