Reading While Eating for May 24: It’s Friday, Friday

In today's must-read links: hidden jokes from 'Arrested Development' and a dachshund cleaning a lion's teeth. Happy Friday!

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Brian Snyder / Reuters

It’s the Final Countdown: The return of Arrested Development is nigh. On Sunday, 15 new episodes hit Netflix. Get prepared with this list of 20 hidden jokes from the show’s first three seasons. (mental_floss)

The Future of Fanfic: Fan fiction was once just a benign hobby of Harry Potter and Gossip Girl fans active on internet forums. But now, Amazon has a platform where writers can publish — and possibly profit from — their alternate storylines. (The Daily What)

South Asian Cinema: The Cannes Film Festival celebrated 100 years of Indian cinema this week, giving key members of the industry a chance to show that they’re more than just Bollywood. (Divanee)

In Case You Missed It: Yesterday was World Turtle Day. Forgot to celebrate? Don’t worry, because here are 20 turtles who celebrated for you. (BuzzFeed)

Grammatical Gaffes: For all the money that circulates around Hollywood, you’d think they could afford a few copy editors. Here are 10 movie titles with questionable grammar. (

Gatsby Fashion: Why are there so many Gatsby premieres? No one knows, but check out these photos of some of the film’s stars on the red carpet at the Sydney premiere. (Go Fug Yourself)

Dachshund Cleans a Lion’s Teeth: There is nothing more to say. Just click here and watch. (Gawker)

Superhero Savant: Face it, this four-year-old knows more than you ever will about Marvel superheroes. Also, she is awesome. (The Huffington Post)