WATCH LIVE: Brood II Cicadas Invade a Terrarium

After 17 years asleep, they are ready for some fun!

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[ustream id=14420561 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302]

Brood II cicadas are the comic book villains of the insect world, emerging from their dingy lair every 17 years to terrorize the Northeast with their distinctive buzz. But despite the considerable hype about their impending arrival over the last month, the turnout has so far been fairly disappointing, leaving much of the Eastern seaboard still waiting for them to invade.

For those of us who miss out on seeing the bugs in person, Animal Planet has set up a live-streaming Cicada Cam of a terrarium filled with dozens of the critters (and a small model of the Capitol Building). The videocam offers an up-close view of how the lustful critters are born, eat and live after their prolonged nap. Fans of creepy crawlies can find out more by watching Cicadas & Invaders 2013 on Sunday at 8pm ET on the Science Channel.

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