Reading While Eating for June 3: Monday Funday

In today's must-read links: fun for everyone!

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Daily Dose of Cute: Turn your drab Monday into a fab fun day! But how, you might be wondering. Um, with these baby ducks, obviously. (BuzzFeed)

Having Fun Isn’t Hard: When you’ve got a library card! Check out this list of new must-reads for June, and then hit the books! (Flavorwire)

Old School Fun: Ever wonder how kids entertained themselves before video games, iPods and Snapchat? We know, it’s hard to imagine. From Hot Cockles to Mumbly Peg, here are seven examples of long-forgotten, old school fun. (mental_floss)

New School Fun: Twitter’s six-second video-sharing service, Vine, is now available for Android devices. New-fangled fun for everyone! (

Viral Fun: This hilarious comedy sketch called “Samesies,” written and directed by John McKeever, features cavemen trying to fight their homosexual urges — a.k.a their desire for “samesies.” Just make sure to grab your headphones, because the video features some vaguely NSFW language. (The Daily What)