WATCH: A Giant Chocolate Syrup Slip ‘n Slide

Calling all chocoholics!

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There’s a new summer activity sure to appeal to your sweet tooth: A chocolate syrup slip ‘n slide, which is exactly what it sounds like a.k.a. simultaneously the best and worst idea. Ever.

The slide was created by the people behind the Bangakang YouTube channel, who apparently don’t mind getting a little sticky in pursuit of fun. If you want to recreate the sticky fun at home, the slip n’ slide requires nothing more than 200 yards of plastic sheeting, some willing participants and dozens (hundreds?) of bottles of chocolate syrup you don’t mind using on a slide instead of for making chocolate milk. Simply unroll the plastic, coat the runway in chocolate syrup and dive in. You may want to set up your slip n’ slide near a hose or shower, because riding the subway home after a few luges down the chocolate-covered slide may be a little awkward as you protest, “No, really, it’s chocolate.”

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