Special Delivery: $24,000 Worth of Marijuana

Sure, it’s a pipe dream if you smoke the stuff.

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

FedEx deliveries sit in a facility on December 13, 2010 in Oakland, California.

Sure, it’s a pipe dream if you smoke the stuff. But for George Burton in Sacramento, Calif., the hefty 11-pound package of marijuana on his doorstep was an unwelcome surprise.

Last Thursday, FedEx delivered the box to Burton, who, by all accounts, wasn’t expecting anything. With the help of his dog sitter, Burton says:  “We break into it. I look, and say, ‘This isn’t what I think it is?'”

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Burton says he immediately reported the incident to local authorities. He told ABC, “the officer who responded said a lot of times people will say they found a lot of pot and it’s just in a ziplock bag; he said, ‘you definitely have a lot of pot.’”

The heavy package is estimated to contain about $24,000 worth of pot. It had several addresses scrawled on it, including one in Illinois, with Burton’s house listed as the return address.

Meanwhile, Burton and his fiancée have vacated their home just in case the intended recipients come looking for the package. Back in March, several unidentified people showed up at a Massachusetts woman’s house when another package of weed was delivered to her house by FedEx.

According to the ABC local affiliate, Burton also left a helpful note for anyone who comes looking for the package on his front door: “Kinkos/FedEx Box Given to Sac Police.”

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