WATCH: Bacon Is a Man’s Best Friend

Bacon is Forever.

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Stuck on Father’s Day gift ideas? You won’t go far wrong with the gift of bacon, says Oscar Mayer.

The cold-cut and packaged-meat company has launched three gift packages for Father’s Day, each containing a packet of bacon strips inside a velvet jewelry box, accompanied by a choice of bacon-themed cufflinks, a multitool, or a money-clip engraved with the words “Bringin’ it home.”

The video for the campaign, Say It With Bacon, features a man on a horse-drawn carriage opening a gift from his female lover and to his delight finding two pieces of pork belly inside.

The scene follows with another man holding the lofty title of “Oscar Mayer Bacon cut and design chief” explaining the mystical complexities of cutting and curing the perfect bacon strip, and elevating the meat to a godlike status: “The bacon will tell you how it wants to be cut, all you have to do is listen, bacon will show you the way.”

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Tom Bick, Oscar Mayer’s senior marketing director, said in a press release this week: “Before, I was a statistic on Father’s Day. Like everyone else, I was showered with ties, coffee mugs and after shave over the years. But really, who wants a tie when you can have bacon?”

The meat purveyor is no stranger to gimmicks. The most well-known are the Wienermobiles piloted by young Hotdoggers who have been traveling across the U.S. evangelizing the love for hot dogs since 1936.

The gift packages cost between $22 to $28 each, shipping and handling included, and are available only on their website from June 4 to July 1.

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