WATCH: Simon Cowell Gets Egged During Britain’s Got Talent Finale

But the show must go on.

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Opera singers Richard and Adam Johnson were singing “The Impossible Dream” on the finale of Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday when a well-dressed woman popped up on stage and started throwing eggs at Simon Cowell, the show’s famously cranky judge. As security rushed the stage to remove the woman, the Johnsons kept singing as if nothing had happened. After all the show must go on.

The woman was able to throw several eggs at Cowell before she was carted off the stage. He later tweeted:

The egg hurler turned out to be Natalie Holt, a former contestant who was playing in the orchestra, according to Holt, 30, later released a statement via the show saying, “I want to apologize to Richard and Adam for overshadowing their performance. I’ve never done anything like this before and in hindsight I have realised it was a silly thing to do.” Cowell added later, “Bloody hell! Just watched the Adam and Richard performance back. They didn’t miss a note.”

The Johnson brothers placed third in the competition, but first in professionalism.

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