Reading While Eating for June 11: A Tuesday for Technology and Tebow

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Pretty much every tech giant holds a conference and Tim Tebow signs with the New England Patriots.

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Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images

Bill Belichick has heard your pleas and has answered them.

Apple Held its Worldwide Developers Conference Yesterday. The tech giant unveiled updated desktop and mobile operating systems as well as new Mac Pros and MacBook Airs. People seem excited about these developments. Disclaimer: Apple Maps will continue to frustrate and confuse you. (Gizmodo)

The Bizarre History of Apple Code Names. Apple’s new OS, officially titled ‘Mavericks,’ was allegedly called ‘Cabernet’ internally. There’s probably a joke somewhere in there about operating heavy machinery. At any rate, it was the latest in a series of curiously titled code names. (mental_floss)

Oh, And Microsoft Also Held a Conference Yesterday. The company unveiled its new, highly-anticipated gaming console, the XBox One, which, contrary to the nature of both math and logic, is actually the successor to the XBox 360. It’s expected to hit shelves in November with a $499 price tag. (CNET)

As Did Sony, Naturally. The PS4 will drop this holiday season with a price tag of just $399. Expect the Internet to be inundated with articles instructing you about which one to buy between now and then. (Engadget)

Tim Tebow Signs with the Patriots. This makes so much sense that it’s hard to believe that no one saw it coming. On the other hand, if anyone saw it coming, then New England head coach Bill Belichick probably wouldn’t have done it in the first place. And there’s your pro football Catch-22 of the day. (Deadspin)

Hilary Clinton Joined Twitter. But the big question is, how did her very first tweet stack up against the first tweets of other famed Twitter users? (NewsFeed)

Nicolas Cage Wearing Two Pairs of Sunglasses. Certain corners of the Internet have been losing their minds trying to figure out why the famed actor has two pairs of sunglasses. (Note: He’s not wearing them, they’re hanging on his shirt.) One potential theory is that he’s hanging on to his buddy’s pair as well, but it’s Nic Cage so basically anything is possible. (TMZ)

Lululemon Has Its Own Secret Language. It may or may not hold the key to finally deciphering Linear A. There’s just no way to know yet. (BuzzFeed)

The Internet Still Enjoys Cats, Yes? Well then here are 10 great books starring cats. (Do books really have stars? Protagonists, yes? Not important—”starring” is catchier. Anyway, carry on.) (Flavorwire)

Watch A Man ‘Drive’ A Large Armchair Down the Street. Now the video doesn’t make it entirely clear what sort of chair it is, or if he’s actually driving it, but it’s still pretty cool and someone probably needs to get to the bottom of what’s actually happening. Call us, China. (YouTube via The Daily What)