Student Athlete Named ‘Creepy Smile Kid’ in High School Yearbook


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Due to a proofreading oversight, student athletes at an upstate New York high school are described as “creepy smile kid” and “some tall guy” in their yearbook this year. On the track and field page of the Hoosic Valley High School’s yearbook Totem Pole, phrases like “Isolation kid”, “Creepy smile kid”, “Some tall guy”, and “Someone,” appear where student names should be, the Troy Record reports:


The Record

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The errors are an “honest mistake,” Amy Goodell, the acting superintendent of the Hoosic Valley Central School District, told the newspaper: “The yearbook editor and staff are devastated. Apologies are being made.” The high school, located in Schaghticoke, N.Y., is working on fixing as many yearbooks as possible and is contacting the parents of the students who got stuck with gag identifications.

Yearbook goofs and pranks are nothing new, but several memorable ones have come to light in just the last week. The yearbook staff at San Diego’s University City High School is in hot water for printing inspirational quotes with sexual innuendoes underneath senior portraits, The Daily Mail reports. (If you’re curious, then you can see the graphic quotes here.) Jokesters at Irving High School in Texas replaced a cheerleader’s name with the word “ugly” in one photo caption, while it cost Maine South High School in Illinois a whopping $1,400 to redo editions that had a photo of a student exposing himself, ABC News reports. And three editors at Croatian High School in North Carolina were suspended for three days and fined $700 for going to print with yearbooks that replaced a few students’ names with fake ones like “Ophelia Hiney and Ben Dover.”

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