WATCH: The Great Fratsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald would have rocked at beer pong.

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While The Great Gatsby’s director Baz Luhrmann used hip hop to give modern-day relevance to the film’s fevered parties, a group of students from the University of California-Los Angeles made F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story even more relevant – by setting it in a frat house.

UCLA’s comedy troupe Spring Sing Company created a spoof trailer featuring “Fratsby”, who teaches a new recruit the ways of Frat Row. (Here’s the original trailer.) “I’ll tell you God’s truth about myself. I was a loser in high school. Look at me now, I’m awesome,” coaches Fratsby, who goes on to show off his preppy combover and his array of pastel-coloured “short shorts”.

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The new guy is quickly sucked into the fray: “The houses were chiller. The parties were bigger. The nights were longer and the Thursdays were thirstier.”

Come to think of it, maybe it’s worth considering the striking similarities between Prohibition in the Jazz Age and underage college drinking.

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