Reading While Eating for June 12: Violins on a Plane

From the Philadelphia Orchestra's impromptu performance on a plane to the worst performances by fathers in movies, here are the must-read links for your lunch break.

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Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

Visitors watch a film as they attend the opening night of a drive-in cinema, which will run till June 21, at the Grand Palais in Paris June 11, 2013.

Trend Alert: Did you know you can send stickers on smartphones? Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for working the phrase “flatulent bunnies” into a trend piece. (WSJ)

Take a Gamble: To win $1 million, all you have to do is solve this math problem. Yeah, it’s not as easy as it sounds. (

PSA of the Day: If you want the latest on the NSA surveillance scandal, then don’t get fooled by these Twitter parodies of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald – who broke the story – and the leaker Edward Snowden. (BuzzFeed)

Comic Books: There’s a cool comic book for the blind that uses raised circles to represent different characters. (The Daily What)

Father’s Day: Watch this supercut of the worst dads in film history, from Home Alone to the Empire Strikes Back. (Flavorwire)

When in Rome: 11 dating tips from the ancient Romans. (mental_floss)

Violins on a Plane: On a delayed flight from Beijing to Macao, musicians in the Philadelphia Orchestra broke out their instruments and performed for passengers to make the time fly. (h/t Mashable)