This Exists: The Hoodie Neck Pillow

So when the creepy person sitting next to you tries to strike up conversation, you can pull the hoodie over your eyes and pretend to be asleep.

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Chris Hindley / HoodiePillow

The Travel HoodiePillow

If your summer getaway involves boarding a plane, train or automobile – and napping along the way – then you may want to check out this new twist on a staple travel accessory: the Travel HoodiePillow.


Chris Hindley / HoodiePillow

The Travel HoodiePillow

Launched in April 2013 — just in time for the summer vacation season — this inflatable neck pillow made out of sweatshirt material has a hoodie for “ultimate cocoonification.” And it comes with adjustable drawstrings, so you can pull the material over your eyes when you want to block out sunlight – or just pretend to be asleep when the creepy person sitting next to you tries to strike up conversation. But for those who won’t be able to escape from the office for a while, the Travel HoodiePillow is also perfect for “lunch break napping,” according to the HoodiePillow website. It costs $19.95 and comes in red, black and heather gray colors.

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While the inflatable part of the pillow is supposed to help travelers store it more easily, some have found the process of blowing it up to be a chore. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “I am taking the hood portion off and sewing it to a real neck pillow.”


Chris Hindley / HoodiePillow

The HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase

The Travel HoodiePillow follows last summer’s Hooded Pillowcase, which has a sweatshirt hoodie to curl up in and a pocket for your iPod or smartphone. Gizmodo called it “goofy” and a Snuggie for your head, while The TODAY Show hosts Hoda Kotb thought it was “genius,” and Kathie Lee Gifford discovered she looked like Batman when she placed the hood part over her head and let the pillow hang down her back.

But for the ladies who wish they had a boyfriend to accompany them on their travels, Deluxe Comfort makes a “Boyfriend Body Pillow,” a “soft body pillow that looks like the torso of a man with a comforting arm that cuddles and holds you throughout the night.”

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