Rate The Date Online: Lulu App Lets Women Review Hookups

Sorry guys, ladies only.

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An app dedicated to dishing dirt on men — by allowing women to anonymously rate them on everything from personality to kissing style — is stirring up controversy.

As Mashable reports, Lulu syncs up with women’s Facebook networks to let them rate their male friends, hook-ups and ex-boyfriends for other women. Each profile includes an average ranking, reviews, number of views, relationship status, education as well as pre-written hashtags like #ManSlut, #Boring or #CheaperThanABigMac. Some women are using it to promote friends and family members, but a quick browse of the app reveals that’s it’s a virtual version of the Mean Girls’ Burn Book.

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Founder Alexandra Chong launched the app in February, but what she describes as “Yelp for boys” has roused some of the male population, who are irked that they can’t log on directly to see what women are saying about them. Guys who want to opt out of the service must send a letter requesting removal to privacy@onlulu.com with a screenshot of their profile, or download a separate app, Lulu Dude, to manage or deactivate their profiles.

Lulu is available for iOS and Android phones and received an average of 2.4 out of five stars on Google Play and an average of four out of five stars in iTunes. With more than 75,000 downloads, it’s likely to stick around.

Be nice, male friends.

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