Introducing the Longboard Stroller: Half Baby Stroller, Half Skateboard

Talk about "alternate" transportation.

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Good news for hip urban parents: Soon you may not have to push your kids around in a stodgy stroller like regular moms and dads. Instead, you’ll be able to roll along with your pint-sized offspring on a skateboard with a stroller mounted on top of it.

Belgian design firm Studio Peter van Riet has teamed with stroller company Quinny to create an “urban mobility concept with an eye to the future”: the world’s first longboard stroller, which essentially takes a traditional baby stroller and affixes it to the front end of a long skateboard. Peter Van Riet, owner of the design studio, told the Daily Maithat one of the main principles guiding the project is that it’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to traveling by car or bus.

Now, if you’re thinking, “But wait, is this safe?”, then well done — that means you worry about children and their overall well-being. As the Daily Mail points out, the longboard stroller comes equipped with a brake at the back and handlebars for steering. The current prototype is still being tested for health and safety measures, so it’s not yet on the market.

Once — err, if — the potential safety issues get sorted out, this could be a pretty cool transit method for parents, provided they’re comfortable on a skateboard, and their kids are in for a little adrenaline rush.

Here’s a video that shows how the longboard stroller works:


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