A Porsche for Kids: Meet the Go-Kart Porsche Pedal Car

The $900 plastic vehicle is a relative bargain compared to the Ferrari for kids

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Want to buy your perfectly unspoiled child a Porsche? Meet the Go-Kart Porsche Pedal Car, a swank $900 orange-and-black racer that’s, well, not really a racer, because instead of sporting a souped-up motor, the engine is you and a pair of pedals. Or really your kid — Porsche recommends the go-kart for children ages 5 to 8 — because as the company notes via its maximum weight recommendation, anyone over 110 pounds sitting in this thing is probably asking for trouble.

If you have a child that meets the recommendations (plus $900 to blow), you’ll get a go-kart crafted exclusively by Porsche’s design studios in Zell am Zee, Austria, with an adjustable seat, metal frame (with plastic components) and air-filled tires. It’s a little tricky to see in the picture, but a pair of short black forward or backward pedals protrude from just below the number “1” on the chassis. The company says the go-kart also has a “coaster braking system” (a drum brake with with an internal freewheel).

Porsche categorizes its pedal-kart as a “toy,” though it hardly looks like one, assuming its place alongside the company’s other premium vehicles for children — a category that includes the $150 Baby 918 Spyder (an “acid green” push-along car with labels that match the actual 918 Spyder), $430 convertible push-along/rideable bike and $475 Children 911 Pedal Car (another pedal car with “precision chain drive” modeled after Porsche’s 911 Carrera).

If $900 sounds a little rich for your blood, consider the king’s ransom Ferrari charges for its ages 5 and up Ferrari FXX Racers pedal-based racer: $2,321 (plus shipping). Ouch.

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