Smell Ya Later: Adam Levine’s New Perfume

The Voice judge enters the celebrity scent fray, despite once having suggested a ban on the fragrances.

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Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Do you ever find yourself watching The Voice and thinking, ‘Gosh, I wish I smelled like Adam Levine?’ Now is your chance. The Maroon 5 frontman and judge on primetime talent show The Voice has just released a new perfume.

While it’s not surprising that another celebrity has opted to enter the burgeoning celebrity-branded perfume market – after all just a few weeks ago boy band One Direction released its own scent, “Our Moment” – it is a bit surprising that Levine chose to enter the scented fray. After all, not that long ago, he had tweeted this:

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In a video introducing the new line of scents, Levine attempts to dial down his own rhetoric and explain his about-face. In the video, posted below, Levine notes: “Now, it’s not that I hate celebrities, and it’s not that I hate fragrances. It’s that when I see them, I don’t necessarily believe that the people who were promoting them were particularly connected to what they were making.”

He continues his musings by noting , “You don’t want to be alarmed by a scent” – which sounds like a reasonable place to start building a signature scent – dubbing his own eponymous perfume duo “the anti-celebrity fragrance.” Levine adds, “I think I really created two different scents that are bold and unique, and make people feel good about themselves. God, I mean, that’s a good thing to do.” Adam Levine perfume is now available for $65, while Adam Levine’s dignity is clearly priceless.



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