WATCH: Batman Theme Song Performed by Bats

Nana nana nana nana nana nana Batman!

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The unforgettably catchy theme song to the Batman cartoon has one problem: It’s not sung by bats. Luckily, that has now been rectified. A group of musicians has recreated the Batman tune using the sounds of real bats.

While Batman could see the Bat Signal whenever Commissioner Gordon flashed it, in reality, we can’t hear bats’ signals at all. The sounds that bats make as they roam the night skies are not audible to human ears. So to make every Batman fan’s (or at least one’s) dream come true, in order to have bats “sing” the Batman theme song, some behind-the-scenes magic was required. First the bat sounds were digitally lowered to frequencies audible to human ears, according to the YouTube page. Then those sounds were assigned different keys on a keyboard dubbed The Bat Organ and the tune was plunked out. The results are eerie, but surprisingly spot on.

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