Daughter Invoices Dad For Fixing His Laptop

Tech support is never cheap -- even when it comes from a family member

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The invoice Reddit user Clem_Honeybutter sent her father on June 20, 2013.

“Dad, is it plugged in?”

We’ve all been there. It’s a rite of passage etched in stone, as old as the bond between father and daughters itself: helping Dad with that newfangled wheel, or if you’re in the 21st century, it might even involve fixing his laptop.

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In a legendary moment of internet cool, Reddit user Clem_Honeybutter finally got fed up while fixing her father’s hard drive, and did what most tech-savvy friends and family have longed to do for years: She sent her father the bill.

In an adorable gesture, she asked for appropriate compensation. Payment? Well, just some pizza, a drink and parmesan sticks at Round Table Pizza, please.

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The self-proclaimed “awesome daughter” points out that the whole process wasn’t all fun and games:

I wanted cash for the hard drive not food. That was a separate bill which is much less funny.