WATCH: Flash Mob Wedding Dance

A British vicar kicks off her shoes and leads newlyweds in some celebratory groovin'

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Sometimes, the joy of tying the knot is contagious.

When English newlyweds Gary and Tracy Richardson shared their first kiss, the disco hit “Everybody Dance Now” began to blare into the Blythe, England church, and officiant Kate Bottley busted a serious move. Soon, in a scene that looks straight out of Glee, the robed vicar was leading the newlyweds and many of the guests in arm-waving and hand-clapping to a medley of feel-good tunes.

The video of the wedding flash mob follows an avalanche of similar wedding shake-outs. From the 2009 “Forever” entrance dance (which has garnered a record 69.6 million views) to the Harlem Shake wedding cameo, celebrating the big day with wild dance moves is more popular than ever. In this wedding, though, the real star of the video is vicar Bottley, who led the crowd as she energetically bopped up and down the aisle. Bottley told the Nottingham Post she has “a bit of a passion” for ’90s rap music and had suggested the flash mob to the couple.

If only every vicar could be so groovy.

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